Lesson 1


Introduction to our editor environment

Thimble is a friendly interface for learning how to code for the web. As you create your app, Thimble will automatically save your work and update a preview to give you feedback as you progress. Thanks Mozilla!

To create anything in code we need to use some kind of text editor and a testing environment. Besides Thimble, there are several options for setting this up.

A Text Editor

There are some great text editors out there for Mac and PC. Some are free and some aren't. The paid-for text editors can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial period. We recommend trying a few to find which one suits you.

  • Crimson Editor (Windows, Free)
  • Notepad++ (Windows, Free)
  • Coda2 (Mac, $99 [~£65])
  • TextWrangler (Mac, Free)
  • SublimeText (Mac/Windows, $70 [~£46])

  • A Test Server

    A test server allows a developer to test their code before making it go 'live' on the web. There several options:

  • Dropbox: Install Dropbox on your machine and host the files in a public folder on the web.
  • Neocities.org: A modern incarnation of Geocities - free web hosting for HTML, CSS and JavaScript up to 10mb.
  • Local web server: If you are a Windows user you can install everything you need to develop locally with a package such as WAMP, and for Mac OS X users you need to enable the built in web server like we used on the course: Google is your friend!
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