Lesson 13

Background images

Using images in your design

Images are often used in the content of websites, but they are frequently used in the design of a page as textures, background-images and borders. When used as a design element, images are placed on the page using CSS.

We use the background property to apply a background image to a page. A background image is contained within the total size of an element which includes padding but not the margin. The body is an exception to this rule.

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the web page

New Window


  • Reduce the size of the body's background image (hint: background-size can take a value in pixels, as well as "cover")
  • Make the body's background image tile
  • Bonus task: Find out what border-radius does by changing its value on the wrapper
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Practical understanding of using background images in page designs, as well as responsive design using Media Queries. Badge

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